xyz biased

By: Alex Jensen
Everything starts with a point; an idea; an observation. Throughout this observation we create an analysis of not only humanity itself, but of the universe in a universal perspective. The reason why we become so universal is because of our energetic, conscious connection with what we perceive as to what we know as “reality”. So what is reality? Nothing but an ironic paradox that we can’t grasp mainly because we don’t want to. The paradox of reality is that everything we see in our three dimensional area of life is nothing but a lesson; it does not exist in a vivid form for our consciousness, yet a cloudy form so we can discover. It is an experience that we need to be a part of to prepare us for our time of releasing. This time of releasing is a process of ~75 years but it all happens in an instant when “death” occurs.
So why does this happen in an instant? The astral plane has no restriction of time or space therefore one second can be an infinite moment in another dimension. So as we die, the chemical of dimethyltryptamene (the chemical that produces our dreams at night) all comes out at once, therefore we can make an absolute assumption that this releasing of our natural astral catalyst can create an infinite moment of different realities for an eternity. Although it may only seem like ten minutes in our physical world, these ten minutes can become an astronomical period of time for us in the other dimensions; the other realities which we can consciously perceive as “different” from our normal lives. As we enter these new dimensions for the rest of our brand new, dynamic conscious states, we are set to perceive brand new experiences that we have never felt before. We’ve never felt them before because they are unique, abstract thoughts that will never have equality with our other intangible feelings. The experience becomes an adventure of curiosity and realization of illusions that are not false, but illusions that are meant to create the paths that we need to follow in order to secure our conscious state of being.
So you may ask, “What is the purpose of the security for our conscious state of being?” It’s quite simple even though it’s a very generic question; we need to flow universally to understand and perceive brand new perceptions being brought to us. Think about it… as you’re born as a baby, you have no idea what language is, you have no idea what politics are, and you have no grasp of how a country runs economically. But as you grow up, it’s practically inevitable (assuming you’re born with no mental disabilities) that you need to experience and understand what is actually going on in this three dimensional area for your existence. So your consciousness evolves through creativity and through gaining knowledge which expands your intellect. Now think about this (theoretically speaking, as most of this response is)… when you die, you go into a new dimension that you have never perceived yet your mind will inevitably evolve and adapt to this brand new dimensional space of higher possibilities than our very own three dimensional matrix. You begin to feel the new experiences that you know you must adapt to therefore the gathering of knowledge cannot shrink, it only grows larger. So as you learn more in this brand new dimension, there can be the possibility of creating your very own expressions that only you can understand and perceive (at the moment). However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t share these expressions.
The ability to share information and to create movements of inspiration will always be there, and they will always be enforced by good people. It is an attribute that we were almost meant to have; this is why there have been so many positive, global movements around the world which have made contributions to help shape the past, present and future (it doesn’t even have to be global, it can be as small as a community of friends). But there will always be beings that are filled with some kind of dark, negative energy who create movements completely opposite to what these positive contributions have brought upon humanity (such as Hitler). Life itself follows the same kind of plot diagram as a short story or novel. You start off with your exposition; you are introduced to the setting (our three dimensional area), the characters (your close friends, or even yourself) and the time (without time nothing can progress therefore it would be a static moment of infinity). The initial incident is the astronomical event that leads to the climax in your life. However, initial incidents do not necessarily have to be negative, and climaxes do not necessarily need to be positive. But if we look at life as a journey for success; for conscious evolution, and for mutual expression, life becomes very vivid to you and your awareness/satisfactory level is above the median.
So as we reach this climax in our life, it is inevitable that this climax will produce a positive vibe leading towards your death or a negative one depending on your actions. If we assume that the climax was positive, the falling action would be to spread the knowledge you have gained all of your life to create a movement between younger individuals who are filled with imagination, who are creative, and who are curious. So as this positive lesson is taught to multiple individuals, a conclusion is inevitable. However your “death” will only reflect how positive or negative you were in life which opens brand new dimensions of euphoria or dysphoria.

One Comment on “xyz biased”

  1. OneRyt says:

    Thank you for writing this stuff down to paper. It seems that often, despite thinking of and understanding a concept, having it put down in solid form allows society* to continue to adapt to the creative forces within it.


    ***Society being a creative construct on the microlevel, produced by subjectivities (personalities) and objectivities (geography), that have only and will only ever exist (to the exclusion of a myriad of them through different sequences per vectorscape) in this Vectorchapter***

    Also, in considering the way in which you described DMT and the afterdeath experience, it leads me to remembering a Lucid Dream I had once. I was in what seemed to be a giant infinite tower of stairs, with entrances, and windows. Through the windows, was abyssal indigo colour racing with tornado like velocity, but through the doors were different dreamscapes.

    Imagine the process of transferring between realities through the DMT molecule, as you described the experience

    “This time of releasing is a process of ~75 years but it all happens in an instant when “death” occurs.

    So why does this happen in an instant? The astral plane has no restriction of time or space therefore one second can be an infinite moment in another dimension.”

    Leaving that one second into the infinite can be seen as walking up a long flight of stairs that never ends. You start at the first step, and begin walking up, but it never truly ends.

    “therefore we can make an absolute assumption that this releasing of our natural astral catalyst can create an infinite moment of different realities for an eternity.”

    I would describe it as continuing along the DMT tripwire, this vectorscape and chapter ultimately just another cross section in the weaved blanket of creative force.

    Once again, I appreciate the post, it ignited me putting all of this thought down, which was productive. 😀

    Here are two pictures I use to visualize the DMT tripwire:

    I would say less that the astral has no restriction of time or space, as I would say, it has a much more intricate version of it.

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