Don’t believe everything you see

By: MuthaPhukkinG

Do you ever stop to think about what it is that we are actually experiencing? What life actually is? That thing we call life, also known to some by the name perception, is made up of the experiences and memories over a lifetime. The human brain is by far the most complex system we have ever come across in nature (inside, outside, and including our galaxy), and this whole experience of life and senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, and even time can be summed up in the form of electrical, and chemical signals inside our brain. I’m here to discredit the perceived senses.

Don’t believe everything you see.

When you look at the sun it shines in your eyes with blinding light; even though your brain remains in complete darkness it perceives the light, and this is the basis of perception; your brain calculates the light we are able to see without actually seeing it. It is also our brains ability to do complex mathematical calculations in nanoseconds that allow an astronomer to be amazed at the sheer distance when he looks through the telescope at a distant star, the massive distance is only perceived by his brain, and are really just electrical, and chemical reactions sent to the brain relative to known experience; activated by the by the eye’s perception of the visible light that it can see. So what is the reality we see? It boils down to chemicals, and electricity. Our subconscious brain makes a nice picture for us of what it believes we should see.

This chart here shows the Visible Light compared to the invisible light, and for all we know the chart most likely goes on forever up, and down in frequencies (I may be wrong as I’m no electromagnetic specialist), but if this is true then we cannot possible base anything off of sight; as we can only comprehend a small sliver of light.

One can argue that they trust their sight fully; then you must ask them if they have ever had a depth perception test. The results usually are astounding; when I did one I thought for sure I had it. I was about seven inches off. The fact that this basic test can fool almost anybody shows that we can’t really rely on our eyes. How many times have you been watching something on TV and this happens? You are looking right at it, but you miss something important in a split second like a breakaway goal, or your favourite wrestler gets eliminated from the Royal Rumble, without this flaw in our memory and sight TiVo would never have been made. Even looking at one of those “magic-eye” pictures we can conclude that sight is indeed flawed.

Everything you see everyday might not even be there. Distance, shapes, colours, sizes, and textures we perceive are just electrical and chemical signals telling our brain what to tell us we see. Like the curved mirror at the carnival. Our view of the universe is impaired. What we see as empty space is filled with air and water vapour and shit that we cannot perceive with sight. If a human brain were able to be placed inside some sort of container that kept it alive and fed it the right electrical and chemical stimuli, a Matrix like world would exist for the individual, it could see, hear, taste, and smell physical objects in a dreamlike induced state; as well as have its own physical body. One can only wonder if the technology to keep someone alive in a Matrix type storage device is already here or not. One thing many will argue is the fact that if you hit something made of physical matter… it will hurt; this is another issue of perception that I will definitely get into in a later post about perception.


5 Comments on “Don’t believe everything you see”

  1. Deek says:

    It has been said believe in none of what you hear and half of what you see. Our senses are sometimes hard to trust, our whole ability to perceive sometimes is. We have all had the experience of having a friend say that we said something 2 seconds ago when we seem to know for a fact that we didn't say it. It is quite plausible that there are also other forms of information in the ether of the universe that are imperceivable to us due to lack of a certain sense that maybe a higher evolved being might have. Something we couldn't even imagine.

    Concerning your last paragraph. Russian scientists have been able to keep a severed dogs head alive and sensing in the lab.


  2. That is the craziest thing i have ever seen dude.

  3. T. McLinden says:

    Wicked blog. It amazes me how the movement of ions (charged particles, main ones being calcium, potassium sodium) across membranes in our nerves, brain, and spinal cord lead to the release of vesicles which contain neurotransmitters ('chemicals') that are basically responsible for so many processes. Then these chemicals interact with other receptors which lead to signaling cascades involving a surprisingly small amount of molecules leading to cell response (whether that be memory formation, perception of light, or whatever).

    Looking forward to the next post.

  4. Deek says:

    Yeah the whole idea of physical things being transformed into information to something that perceives it (like cameras or our brain or whatever) is very fascinating. The concept that life came from basic elements reacting and forming the parts of cells, then making simple bacteria and eventually evolving to self aware entities suggests to me that perception has always been there in one form or another. There was always some form of converting information and receiving it. (Even before “living things”??)

  5. hahaha deek man that's deep shit. never looked at perception like that before

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