Drunk History: Nikola Tesla, HAARP

By Deek:
I thought I would post a little mix of humour and history today. Nikola Tesla was an extremely interesting dude, one of those too smart for his own good kind. He is often mentioned in science fiction plots, sometimes simply to fill a gap where scientific explanations to the viewer of a film or player of a video game might not make any sense.
Tesla (who spoke 7 languages) was an inventor and a mechanical/electrical engineer of the early 20th century. He is known for contributing heavily to commercial electricity, the radio, alternating current and also somewhat to robotics, remote control, and computer science among other things. Apparently when he was close to death he claimed he worked out a “dynamic theory of gravity” but it was never published. Tesla seems like a guy who was trying to figure every single thing out. He had plans for a flying machine that was entirely electromagnetically powered and also some kind of direct energy weapon dubbed by the public “the death ray”.
One recent popular conspiracy theory that is linked to Tesla involves HAARP. The “High Frequency Auroral Research Program”. Some people believe that this ionospheric research program based in Alaska and funded by the US government is using Tesla’s technology for evil. Through their research with the ionosphere they hope to advance the science of navigational technolgoy such as GPS and also communication technology.
Many people believe HAARP might have a secret agenda to perhaps manipulate the ionosphere to send brain wave controlling signals down to earth which might affect our emotions. Or maybe something like Project Blue Beam, where someone evil will use secret technology to create realistic holograms of each geographical area’s diety and tell them the world is ending. Another theory is that the technology can be used to affect weather or earthquakes and that it has caused the recent earthquakes that have been plaguing the globe in places such as China, Haiti and Chili. Could be just natural earth changes but hey, it does give the soldiers a reason to occupy the country doesn’t it? I wonder what Alex Jones thinks.

One thing that intrigues me is the recent “Norway Spiral“. There is a similar research facility in Norway right by where this happened. The official explanation when this aired on the news was that it was a failed russian rocket test. I have seen a video which describes the way in which a failed rocket would let fuel out as it spins in a spiral fashion, however there are too many things that seem fishy about it. Read more here.
Pseudoscience? Hmm. Apparently HAARP holds open houses regularly that any citizen can attend and walk the entire premesis. They also document every single thing they do day by day, and this is also open to the public. Who knows.
Anyways… here is the point of this post. Something to make you laugh, but also teach you some cool history. Drunk History: Nikola Tesla, featuring John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover. Other episodes include stars like Jack Black, Michael Cera and Danny McBride.

3 Comments on “Drunk History: Nikola Tesla, HAARP”

  1. justcallmechuck says:

    this is some serious shit man. wouldnt be surprised if the gov't does have a tool like that but i didn't know this dude was THAT intense. weird to think that ppl sooo far back were on such advanced tips. LOL vid is jokes still

  2. OneRyt says:

    It would be more likely that the incident in Norway was caused by EISCAT, a tool similar in scope to HAARP, but based in Switzerland.

    It's said they are using HAARP to influence the ionosphere and atmosphere. The conspiracy is consistently able to be catalyzed as well, thanks to the funding that scientists have had to seek out in industrial interests, military interests etc.

    The potential for these facilities to be used passively for research is amazing


  3. Deek says:

    I believe EISCAT is what I was referring to when I mentioned a similar research facility but I didn't know it was in Switzerland! Rspct.

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