Jamais Vu

By Deek

Jamais Vu is often described as the opposite of Deja Vu but more accurately it is “when a person momentarily doesn’t recognize a word, person, or place that he/she already knows”. It is often associated with forms of epilepsy and amnesia. Apparently there is a 3rd “vu” called Presque vu, more commonly knwon as the “tip of the tongue” phenomenon we all experience from time to time. Although these experiences are so common among people, they are difficult to study in detail due to the fact that they come unannounced and leave little physical evidence of their happening. There are a variety of current theories but nothing fully agreed upon, and none that I really agree with much at all. I think this is one of those things we can figure out by observing it when it happens. People are often able to use their lucid dreaming abilities more fully when they begin to write down their dreams and observe them more.

Sometimes Deja vu happens so oftne to a person they even end up ignoring it most of the time. I think this happens with dreams too, many people ignore their dreams as a common experience and don’t pay much attention to them upon waking, so we forget them. I think that line of thought can also lead into daily life, ignoring daily experiences as common and paying little attention to them… not a good thing.

Here is a very interesting website I discovered a long time ago created by a woman who experiences Jamais Vu in various forms due to epilepsy. It includes journal entries and poetry about her experiences. Pretty interesting.


4 Comments on “Jamais Vu”

  1. Cassiopoia says:

    I get deja vu all the time and I am almost positive it is coming from my dreams. My dreams seem to be a parallel universe to my day to day life, events occuring in the same order but are just a tiny bit different. So I get these deja vu flashes like everyday because I probably dreamt it the night before… I don't know. I'm really going to try to keep up a dream journal to see if they do go hand in hand as much as I think they do.

    I also had this weird experience with presque-vu last year. There were 3 days in a row where I was constantly feeling like I needed to remember something, but I could never figure it out, it was always on the tip of my tongue. It was like I was missing something. It tripped me out because I got that feeling every 10 minutes or so. Pretty crazy phenomena..

  2. Deek says:

    LOL. So weird. Yeah sometimes I have times where I forget like people's names that I know for sure like people that are semi close to me. Lmao.

    To me like the feeling of it feels like it's the way in which your brain is trying to access the information, like we take an alternate route or something. And it effs everything up. Or sometimes it's like we actually have the thought like we remember the word or name but only for a split second like not enough to grasp it so it flies away lol.

  3. I had deja vu today at work I knew what someone was going to say before they said it… we were both amazed. I was freaked out so I just went back to work but it blew my mind. then I come on here and you are talking about it.

    Interesting indeed.

  4. Deek says:

    Ahahaha. Cool shit.

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