The Badlands Gaurdian

By Deek

I found this image a couple years ago on google earth, probably on one of those sites that lists interesting or unusual things you can find. They call this the Badlands Guardian. It’s a series of hills near Medicine Hat, Alberta. I drove through there last winter. Boring place. There is stuff on youtube about it from local news reports and such, it was only discovered recently by someone looking around on google earth. The view from the ground looks like nothing at all, just a bunch of green hills.
It looks exactly like a native american’s face. Well that’s what most people say, to me I’d say it even resembles more of an African face. These types of things are very peculiar. The probability that someone or something purposely shaped those hills to look like a face is extremely low, in my opinion. Unless it was aliens, a long time ago. Maybe the same people who created the Nazca lines. Them things is cool.
The funny thing is also that it’s not just eyes, a nose and mouth for example. The eye has an eyelid, eyebrow, it’s got the head dress, a spot that looks like an ear with a earing or headphone attached of some kind, even a cheekbone. It’s uncanny how many features the face has. With each feature you count you increase the complexity of the figure and the coincidence becomes more insane.
Then again it looks just like a hill, from any other angle other than looking at it north/south. It looks like the other hill edges beside it. Not like a face. So what is it? Nothing? Something? Why do we want to know… or do we. Always looking for meaning… I guess that’s just a natural process of our brain right? The seeing mechanism, seeing an object or whatever and automatically finding a meaning for it within our frame of knowledge. Is there something deeper there or is this face just an anomaly?
Related videos… google earth is incredible. What an amazing feat of technology.


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