Orion/Giza-Sphinx/Leo theory

By Deek
An intriguing theory on the mystery of the sphinx and the pyramids of Giza has been circulating over the last couple decades. Some historians and archeologists believe that there was an ancient civilization around before mainstream historians believe cities and civilizations emerged. It is often referred to Atlantis, among other names. Some believe this civilization may have somehow had the technology to build things like the great pyramids of Giza that we are so puzzled by today, and may have passed it on to future generations one way or another.
Graham Hancock’s ideas result from his many travels as a journalist and researcher in Africa and other places in the world. This video (below) is lengthy and some of it is useless information but there is some interesting points on the ark of the covenant, the pyramids and the sphinx, and a possible connection with mars.
The theory is that the Sphinx and the pyramids together create a star map to mark a date in history. Namely around 10,500 BC. The Nile was chosen as the spot to create the structures because it too is a part of the star map. If you look east from the point of view of the sphinx, the sun rises in the location of the constellation of the current age. Today’s would be Pisces. The next one is Aquarius. This changes approximately every 26,000 years due to the slight wobble of the earth’s axis.
So the idea is that the Sphinx was originally built as a lion with a lion’s head (possibly a later pharaoh wanted his own face on it, so they carved it away to form a human head, hence the small size) marking a date in the age of Leo for some reason. (They do not propose that it must have been built that long ago, just that the idea for it’s creation was had at that time)
When looking at the sunrise as the sphinx is, the pyramids match up in a line in the same fashion as Orion’s Belt and the nile is like a mirror image of the milky way galaxy (if you use that term to refer to the wavy band of stars visible in the sky, some refer to that as our entire galaxy). The sphinx when looked at as a profile view matches up with the stars in the constellation of Leo. Some archeologists also believe that the weathering done to the Sphinx was caused by long term rain fall which did not occur during the time that mainstream history agrees the Egyptians who built the sphinx and pyramids lived.
Could this be a star map? Was it built by an ancient lost civilization or beings from another planet? What was the importance of the date of 10,500 BC?
Here’s an article posted today for more information. Funny how I watched this video yesterday and this article was posted just today.
And another link for further reading…



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