Freedom for Big Sugar Slaves

An interesting look at the sugar industry, and just how plain white sugar has been prepared for our tables by the blood and sweat of modern day descendants of african born french slaves… who are still to this day enslaved by the monopolized sugar industry. You’ll see how the British traded France a tiny tropical island of sugar for Canada. The island, isolated and densely packed with sugar, is still the center of sugar production to the world and home to the 4th and 5th generation slaves who have provided us with our “Texas tea…. sweetener” for over 200 years… Definitely appalling to watch as this kind of thing is ignored by the media…


8 Comments on “Freedom for Big Sugar Slaves”

  1. “other than perhaps gold… no single substance has had a greater hand in shaping the history of the western hemisphere other than sugar” from the documentary

  2. Deek says:

    gonna watch. i was just reading about europeans first tasting sugar in syria and such in some book. obviously a very influental substance. also interesting is the bringing over to britain of coffee, chocolate and tobacco all around the same time period just before the industrial revolution got going fully.

  3. thats crazy lol imagine being the first to taste sugar in your whole town or whatever

  4. Deek says:

    i know eh i thought about it for a long time. must of been wicked. food without sugar sucks

  5. Deek says:

    mmmmmmmm sugar. all of the food i regularly eat is full of sugar or sodium. eating apple turnovers with a tea right now…

  6. Deek says:

    lol that guy is a douche……. im glad canadians have sick reporters……

  7. heres another good one haha

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