WE ARE ALIEN…… Or are we?

I am fed up with religion! Especially Christianity… most of my family are from Armenia; where Christianity was spawned by Satan himself… Although I am a proud Armenian; I feel like my people have secretly manipulated the masses of the earth with fairy tales, and fabricated lies of divine beings, visions of grandeur, as well as continually pulling the wool over the eyes of mankind for the last 2,000 years or so… We live here in a Christian nation… yet nobody realizes that the Christianity they worship came from Armenia in the middle east… most Christians cannot even locate Armenia on a map… or have even heard of it for that matter… for some reason the more outrageous the claim you believe (with absolutely no proof) it seems the holier you are… Armenians however DO NOT follow the same teachings they have their own special bible that is free from all King James brainwashing… its weird as fuck, but Armenia has corrupted Europe and the America’s silently and nobody seems to care except us Atheists

I believe only scientific facts… no Lord of the Rings bullshit…

Video on Panspermia and the possibility of life coming from outer space on micro meteors.

Tatik forgive me… 😦

What are your views on the Christian faith? Or religion in general… Let us know by commenting…


2 Comments on “WE ARE ALIEN…… Or are we?”

  1. Witek says:

    christian faith?
    a thoughtless and simple way to live

  2. Armen says:

    What do you think about the word Հրեշտակ/Hreshtak/Angel

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