Transplanting Memories

I recently watched a documentary about how some heart transplant patients, start to pick up personality traits immediatly after recovery. changes in appetite, lifestyle and in some cases dreams, some feel they are truly two people in one body working together to both stay alive… this is only about 9 or 10% of the patients so it is still not proven and is still quite a mystery.

It also explains how scientists have found complex sets of neurons in the heart, and a recent electron-microscopic photo shows that indeed the heart has its own tiny brain capable of storing information for short, and long term storage… your heart has this buffer memory that can save information almost like a computer program to place future beats in queue to save energy… almost like cruise control for your body. This discovery has opened the idea that ones self and sub-conscious is more complex than recently thought. It seems the old sayings like “the heart wants what it wants” may have more scientific and psychological truth than first thought. Interesting stuff, and a must see for anyone!


5 Comments on “Transplanting Memories”

  1. Deek says:

    I heard an author on Coast to Coast AM a few years ago talk about her book which explains her double lung and heart transplant. Her parts were from a man who died in a motorcycle accident, he had chicken fingers on him when he died and first thing she wanted when her surgery was done was KFC…. as funny as it sounds lol.

    She also had dreams and ended up predicting his name and stuff, even tho that was confidential information.

    Didn't the ancient egyptians used to throw out the brain and preserve the heart?? maybe i'm making that up

  2. yo man she is in this documentary, she eats chicken nuggets and drinks beer and stuff

  3. i know they would remove the brain through the nose… im sure taht wasnt the best way to remove it intact hahaha

  4. Deek says:

    lol maybe i should watch the docu before i comment. LOL

  5. Deek says:

    how did you put those labels on the post… we need to do that more. then we need to have a search button where you can just type in your topic and all related posts will show up….

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