Living on Mars

Here’s another documentary that will help expand your mind, and allow you to take a glimpse into the near future of humankind. When I sit down and watch something like this, it takes me on a philosophilcal journey into just what humans are all about. Wondering about other future deep space projects, and eventually at the end of the road, will humans have conquered the known universe? or will we just be another ancient relic waiting to be discovered, does our intelligence, science and technology have any real survivial value?

I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who once said something along the lines of: “Intelligence has yet to be proven as an effective survival technique.”

But who ever it was who said that just might be on to something… as a species humans have had it pretty easy in the galaxy and the only real shot we have at ultimate survival right now is to spread out and conquer the planets, harness the power of the stars. Humans will definitely reach the point of class 1 or even 2 galactic civilization… if the universe lets us.

All in all these documentaries I have been posting are the beginning of a long set to teach the masses of just what we humans are capable of, I plan on touching on Nano-technology and life extention, Ancient Aliens and current day crop circle mysteries, future space exploration and aerospace technology… and finally I plan to try and find proof of aliens here on earth today and in the past.


2 Comments on “Living on Mars”

  1. Deek says:

    I saw this on TV awhile ago when it was space week. Awesome special.

  2. Cassiopoia says:

    I dont agree that our only chance of survival is to conquer other planets and stars in the universe. Our only chance of survival is if we can find peace on this planet, this planet we know very little about. It is cool to think about exploring the universe, but who would prefer to live on a giant red rock rather than the Earth? (please don't say “me”…. hah)

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