Conciousness is a mirror

[2nd Verse] [Bun B.]

Say there Mr. Mirror, put yourself up to yourself and in
Just take a look at the reflection thats reflectin in
Your own physical, superficial not spiritual
All the possessions you possessin, they can’t keep your spirit full
You need to hear it fool, but you dont want to listen cuz
You so f-full of your-s-self and you just sit and judge
You point em out, and call em up, and then s-sit em down
Then you put fertalizer, lyin, spread the shit around
But if you took a second Mr. Mirror, you would see
That you just mad at you man, you aint really mad at me
You took the hatred of yourself and just project it out
No disrespect, you can’t respect yourself then just get out
For real, you need to go away just like the rain song
Cuz you f-frontin and f-fakin its just plain wrong
So Mr. Mirror, man I’m just gon keep it G
If you can’t look up at yourself,
How the fuck you lookin at me, mane.


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