260,000 year old gold mine? or UFO body shop?


I finally found an article on the south african gold mine thought to be over 260,000 years old. i heard about this place when they discovered it briefly on the discovery channel but it seems all information on this place is being wiped out of the public eye… The sumerian calendar found here dates back 75000 years. the big issue is that humans werent supposed to be around at this time… also if they were they were believed to be so primitive that they shouldnt have been able to mine so efficiently and with such precision… mining gold with rock tools isnt the best way to do things, but apparantly they did. they also had no reason to collect gold… in the times of the first hunter gatherers… storing and mining gold was not only near impossible with the technology they had, but also they had no use for the precious metal. there was no monetary currency 260,000 years ago… they couldnt eat it. it is a poor metal for making blades or tools with due to its extreme maleability. what im saying is that neanderthal man should not have been able to comprehend mining gold as a priority… it takes alot of energy and food to mine gold, plus the valuable hunting time you waste by mining instead of hunting.

no sir… it just dont make sense.

apparantly it is a sumerian site some 195,000 years later as we find with the stone structure called adams calendar. sumerians claim to be experiments of the annunaki… genetically altered drone workers who are more monkey than human at this time must have mined the gold. if the sumerian texts arent lying about being genetic experiments then it would make perfect sense as gold is the number 2 conducter that we know of second only to silver. this precious metal is also the most maleable metal known to man. i dont know the exact figures but its soemthing like a gram of gold can be hammered out to a super thin sheet almost a metre squared (or something like that) what this means is that in the electronics world a little gold goes a LONG way. The annunaki could have use this gold to repair any electronic problems they would have encountered on their galactic quest. I believe that they were here and needed repairs. i think the annunaki created our inteligence and used us not so much as slaves but as debtors, they gave us a future and we aided in them returning (or just repairing). but there is no reason why ancient neanderthol man should have been poking around in a gold mine… especially one that is so big… and so old…

Heres another good site for the info on the sumerian story of gold slaves


3 Comments on “260,000 year old gold mine? or UFO body shop?”

  1. one more reason they would have taken gold instead of silver?

    quantity over quality. silver is harder to find, harder to mine, and harder to work with (you need alot more silver than gold to make a 1m squared sheet).

  2. http://www.viewzone.com/adamscalendar33.html

    heres another link to a page talking more in detail about what humans were like at this time and why it doesnt make sense

  3. Wow!!!! I'm intrigued…

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