Mary Bell Child Killer

When I first saw this biography, I thought to myself, not another sicko who kills children. but once i started watching it… I realized “child killer” meant exactly that! Mary Bell was a child who murdered other children for sport. Raised by a criminal father and a prostitute mother, Mary Bell terorized the children in her small rural neighbourhood with threats (and acts) of strangulation and torture. When you see her eyes you can tell they are the cold eyes of a killer. Mary bell is fully grown now, living incognito under a new identity. Literally one of the creepiest documentaries I have ever seen. Makes me wonder about the old nature vs nurture argument.



The Worlds Smartest Man… and Bouncer

This is from a series of documentaries about unique individuals in our time. This documentary is about a man named Chris Langan, a bouncer and super genius who has been hailed as the smartest man in the world…. that is before a politically correct world banished the I.Q. score, saying it was not PC enough. They scrapped the record smartest man from The Guiness Book of World Records that same year. He lives his life as a philosopher, and bounces for money. His message is one of serious intent. He speaks about how democracy cannot work in a population of below average achievers due to the simple fact that the majority cannot even begin to understand what they are voting for.


The Secret Of Oak Island. "The Money Pit"

I first heard about this as a young boy. I was at most 7 or 8 years of age, when I came across a book called “I Am David”. The book was about a young orphan who goes on adventures, after stowing himself on a pirate ship or something… (this is from memory haha). but the one part I ALWAYS remembered was the part about Oak Island’s Money Pit. The book described it as a mysterious treasure that is buried deep under an island off the coast of nova scotia. after reading the book I became obsessed with the idea of oneday going to look for it myself. YEARS later I saw something about the mysterious island and its ingenius irrigation system that apparantly is the whole island… One group of excavators wanted to see where the water was coming from that kept flooding the pit whenever certain barriers were passed. they poured red dye into the water and over the course of a few days saw an irrigation drain on each side of the island… the irrigation system needed must have been a massive project. Nobody knows who made this security system, or what’s actually buried beneath. but there are none other like it in the world.

I just found this documentary on it, its absolutely amazing. nararrated by Leonard Nimoy

Newer Video on the subject

Here’s the modern day solution to the whole problem. There are people who have just recieved the rights to dig again, I’m unsure if this is the way they are going to do it, but it seems like its gonna be the only way haha. they recieved the rights in 2010 by the province of Nova Scotia

Robot Hummingbird Surveillance

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[“The idea was not to create a robotic hummingbird,” says Matt Keennon, AeroVironment’s NAV project manager. “We wanted to make something that emulated the flight dynamics of a hummingbird…. As far as we know, this is a new form of man-made flight.” The company says it’s the first two-wing, flapping aircraft that carries its own energy source and can hover and fly forward. ]

The pentagon has contracted a company called AeroVironment to create a hummingbird like machine that is used to record video… this is just a prototype.

Alan Watts: "Consider Death Now"

What is the internet anyway?

Kepler has found 1,235 possible habitable planet candidates as of today

NASA’s Kepler mission has found 1,235 extrasolar planets in ‘habitable zones‘ as of Feb 2nd, 2011. 525 are confirmed. By extrapolating this data which is based on a small portion of stars in our galaxy- to the entire milky way, there could be a possible 1 million planets in habitable zones of their solar systems waiting for our discovery…