Ancient Alien Structures

A sweet new documentary on ancient alien structures. Made in late 2010 they finally make a connection to the Armenian stonehenge, also have discovered side panels that have distinctive alien faces much like the alien grey’s of today. Go Armenia! oh yeah it also mentions a few other sites including a rare Coral Castle from North America made by an immigrant who claimed he knew the secrets of the Egyptians and Mayans. Enjoy!

Here’s one on the secrets of the coral castle… also absolutely amazing and mysterious!!!


One Comment on “Ancient Alien Structures”

  1. I like the ancient alien series, evne tho history channel is usually slightly biased (and they almost hide it very well). For a channel on such an important subject (history), they sure use a lot of wacky people in their interviews. I love david wilcock and graham hancock, but they are known as 'looneys' in mainstream science/history. Not that i agree with that though!

    The guy who talks a lot in the coral castle video seems like he's reading or soemthing, must just be very over prepared. maybe for effect! i know we dont fully understand gravity (scientists) and i personally know virtually nothing abuot it, but it seems his theory of gravity with the positive and negative aspects and just reversing them…. is a bit wonky.

    who knows! all these ancient structures are certainly intruiging. i think a lot of these UFO enthusiasts need to consider psychadelic experience/dimensions as a source for knowledge or abilities, or even the source for their myths and characters. it's been demonstrated that some psychadelic substances (DMT for example) generate extremely similar experiences among varieties of indivbiduals, similar characters/beings/languages.

    very interesting

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