The Truth About Cannabis

A new study by the scientific comunity on the importance of Cannabis. Recent studies show that indeed humans are MADE to incorporate Cannabis into our bodies. We have receptors calld cannabinoids in the brain that bond with marijuana. Its such a great feeling to see this documentary cause I actually did the research on this exact topic for a psychology research folder. When I presented my evidence I was shut down by my professor… He was upset because I told the school I was studying the negative effects of cannibis, when indeed I was more concerned with the benefits. After I got my assignment back I noticed I got 100% on both my presentation and my research folder. This was due to my OVERWHELMING biblography of advanced psychiological studies done by actually scientific institutions…. I mean anyone can find an article about weed in High Times, but it takes a true scientist to dig deep into the research, and pull out the hidden papers from universities and doctors, who normally have no reason to benefit from the research. There was no documentary on the subject back then so I feel like I have in some small collective part helped humans to discover something that we used to know, but over the years have forgotten our past.

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? from waywardeus on Vimeo.


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