Waking Life


Although (quite possibly) most of you know this movie, there’s a link on google video to the entire movie.  You can watch it here.

I remember the first time that I’ve ever watched this movie I was ridiculously moved.  My entire life perspective changed from the typical norm of waking up every day, going to high school, trying to be the shit, trying to meet false standards, and trying to become something that I am not.  After watching this movie, it made me realize the real importance of life itself… passion, beauty, mental evolution, and revolution.  We live in an extremely gigantic system of tyranny and control, but we ourselves are individually controlled by our own minds and perspectives, yet brought together as a collective consciousness.  The characters in this movie remind me of human beings portrayed as what it is to be a true human being through intelligence and creativity.  If you haven’t seen this movie I hope it moves you the same way it did for me!


2 Comments on “Waking Life”

  1. I remember first watching this late at night. It was randomly on tv and I had no idea what it was. so it felt even more like a dream to watch. it really makes life more beautiful to live after watching.

  2. deekone says:

    Yea yea! good flick. the first time i was ever lifted I watched this. definately had an impact. i’ve heard some people who don’t like it, maybe because as a movie there’s not much to it, it’s like a clip show, but if you pay attention it does have something that ties it all together, it’s his lucid dream! it’s cool to look up each character if you don’t know them cuz they’re all real people, like the weirdo that recites the strange poetry on the bridge… he has cool videos on youtube. i forget his name right now.

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