Orbital Resonance, will and fate

An excerpt from the book 2012: Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck (quoting John Martineau author of A Little Book of Coincidence)

“Venus rotates extremely slowly on her own axis in the opposite direction to most rotations in the solar system. Her day is precisely two-thirds of an earth year, a musical fifth. This exactly harmonizes… so that everytime venus and earth ‘kiss’, venus does so with the same face looking at the earth” — 8 earth years equals exactly 13 venus years, the five kisses between them crafting a perfect pentagon, carved out of space. The numbers 5, 8 , and 13 belong to the Fibonacci sequence, defining phi (the golden ratio = 1.61803399). Every 243 years, venus passes between the earth and the sun twice in 8 years– a pair of ‘venus transits’, visible to the naked eye. In our own time, an initial transit occurred on June 8th, 2004, to be matched by a second on June 6th, 2012. The venus transits also reflect the harmonic relation between the two obits–in those 243 earth years, exactly 365 venus days will have passed.

It’s interesting to note that the golden ratio that applies to so many biological and natural formations in our earth level existence, does in fact show itself on a larger scale in the universe. It seems to suggest some “galactic concordance” as Pinchbeck puts it.

What this shows to me is just an insight into the way matter and energy works. We study it to no end, and we have found out the basic laws by which it operates, yet it behaves to chaotically and randomly sometimes. Such as the spreading out of matter in the early universe. It spread itself out evenly but there was a small change in the spreading out of the matter so that parts of it gravitated towards one another and formed the galaxies we see today.

There is a program we are running on. How much of what we experience is a program and how much is free-will? Is not will movement or resistance against what is? Resistance to the program? Don’t we run on auto pilot without ‘will’? I will do this, I will do that. Are we really doing what we’re saying we will do, or are we just living according to the program, and our thoughts tell us we are willing things into being?

The program is the universe’s purpose. It has a purpose as long as we are aware. We give it a purpose by being conscious. We say there has to be a reason for all this experience, or else why would I be conscious? Couldn’t a brain run a human body on auto-pilot without it being ‘aware’ and having a ‘self’. If the universe runs on a set of laws and rules that govern its whole evolution, why need us at all?

Well, that’s a tricky one. When we’re aware of being aware, are we really aware? That question seems kind of strange but if you really stop and consider it carefully, we’re not really aware when we’re aware of being aware right? Because we’re focusing on that, and not what actually is. We’re focussing on our ‘self’ our ‘image’ of what we are or what we should be or change to be. But there is only one thing that is real and that is ‘the fact’. What you really are. Whether it’s you are jealous or angry or happy. That is the fact, that’s the program that the planets orbit on. The fact.

Is the self created by the program to be so emotional, personal, full of guilt and fear and desire so that it keeps perpetuating itself, gaining and acquiring, whether it’s knowledge or money and power, to better itself and survive? Do we really need that for survival? Is that the only way to have us really reach this point in our evolution?

Our thoughts consume us on a daily basis and make so many decisions. Constantly planning for the future and fearing or regretting the past. We can’t just let the program take us where it wants, because isn’t that too scary? We gotta impose our will or else we’ll be taken down an unsure path, won’t we? The randomness of the universe! Or does that really change anything? Don’t we keep winding up in the same spot? With our same hopes and fears and worries?

Why don’t we just let the program take us where it’s taking us? Venus seems to be…


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