Debunking Jordan Maxwell!

I recently watched a 2.5 hour Project Camelot interview researcher and speaker Jordan Maxwell did in which he tells tales of meeting real aliens, the war for the freedom of our spirits, and what’s going on behind the scenes in government and it’s relation to business. I have a feeling that his basic idea is close to how the world runs at some level, but I began to have my doubts when I heard him repeat himself unnecessarily about 800 times during the interview. His level of speaking intelligence started to turn me off.

I think the final nail in the Maxwell’s coffin for me was when I heard him say ‘supposebly’ in a clip in this debunking video. Enjoy…

Also, for a useless tidbit of knowledge- Maxwell apparently is heavily influenced by the Russian author Helena Blavatsky’s viewpoints on the Jews and their religious history. She was also the founder of the Theosophical society- who eventually discovered and popularized a young Jiddu Krishnamurti who is often featured on the blog. Blavatsky wrote about the ‘root races’ which are steps in the human being’s evolution, of which are are currently in the 5th (Aryan) and the last one was way back in Atlantean times. Her writings were also borrowed from and distorted to fit in with Hitler’s national socialist philosophy as has been apparently stated by many scholars on the subject.


4 Comments on “Debunking Jordan Maxwell!”

  1. I’ve never heard of Maxwell Jordon but I did read the rest of the post. I am a fan of Jiddu Krishnamurti and have a post written of him that I did on March 25th if anyone is interested. I wasn’t ever very much of a fan or follower of Blavatsky or the Theosophical Society. I didn’t know that though about her work being used and/or utilized by Hitler. I immediately investigated that and found considerable evidence on the Internet. Thanks, that was very interesting

  2. deekone says:

    Hey thanks for reading. Yeah we often post clips of Krishnamurti on this blog, I am also a fan.

    It’s pretty interesting the connection there, not that it means much. I’m sure Hitler used many sources for his influence, and it’s been stated that Blavatsky never stated anywhere that any race was superior or inferior to another, her ideas were more about the steps in spiritual evolution of the human species all together, not one over the other.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. On my prior comment I started a long response and then scrubbed it, but your response mentioned Hitler’s influences. So Here I go.
    Hitler was influenced by three people about his views of the Jews.

    One was Richard Wagner the composer who had his own negative views of Jews.

    Two: Hitler was following the same hatred as the famous protestant Martin Luther(Yep, that Martin Luther) who wrote a book called “On the Jews and Their Lies”. It’s rumored(though never proven) that Hitler started the Kristallnacht on the eve of Martin Luther’s birthday and that the burning of the synagogues were in honor of Martin Luther. Luther had even said as much about his desire to see the synagogues burning. Evidence suggests that this is highly doubtful about the connection that night but that Martin Luther’s anti-Semitic writings were influential to Hitler’s views.

    Three, Hitler was very influenced by Henry Ford and cited him in Mein Kampf and supposedly even used Ford‘s own writings verbatim. Henry Ford financially supported some of Hitler’s earlier political exploits. Henry Ford was given the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938 in commemoration of Ford’s 75th Birthday. Henry Ford’s picture hung in Hitler’s office. Henry Ford did pursue for some time his own anti-semitism.

    All three of these Good men unwittingly contributed to Hitler and the Holocaust.

    Again Thanks for a great post.

  4. deekone says:

    Nice, thanks for the info. Hope you keep reading the blog.

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