Joe Rogan discussing Bill O’Reilly’s retardedness

“How’d the moon get there? How’d it do it?”

It’s called science, Bill.

I know this is slowly turning into more of a video-blog, but videos are a great way to convey information. Skip to about 2 minutes if interested:

It’s interesting to note how in Canada we don’t have any mainstream news people who are as mentally retarded as some in the US. None of ours seem to have political or ideological agendas that conflict with just giving us the news, the information- or at least it’s more subtle. Perhaps if we multiplied our population by 10 our idiocy would match theirs as a whole.


One Comment on “Joe Rogan discussing Bill O’Reilly’s retardedness”

  1. Lawyer without a clause says:

    I think its the fact that, in the USA, the news is based around ratings, compared to actual news.

    Riots in Libya 1 million viewers

    Kim Kardashian just got a new dog, 8 million viewers

    Id blame the citizens just as much as the MSM.

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