Well… this guy is awesome

Jason Silva. Futurist… and self proclaimed Ecstatic Truth Lover and Techno Optimist.

More at http://vimeo.com/jasonsilva

12 Year Old Music Prodigy “Jay Greenberg”

“Meet Blue Jay, probably the greatest talent to come along in 200 years. At age 12, he has already written 5 full length symphonies.”

From 60 Minutes…

The Ballad of the Black Gold

This is the ballad of the black gold
They call it Texas tea
But it’s bigger than a cowboy with a lasso

It’s deeper than a black hole
Create monopolies
Except they collect a fee when you pass-go

Crisis’ international
The government de facto
We got no control in this fiasco

Darker than the back roads
Bubble hotter than Tabasco
More than what you bargained for or asked for

‘Lost’ Tupac interview

One of the great modern day poets and prophet to some of his time.

“America is the biggest gang out there”